AWS Managed Service Provider

Simba Innovation - The AWS Certified Managed Service Provider

Simba Innovation is a global information technology and business services provider. Company provides innovative technology services and solutions, commit to help the enterprise, government and social groups to solve the challenge of information technology and help our customers to achieve cloud modernization.


  1. Developing IT solution design and future state architectures on AWS
  1. Building automated deployment of scalable AWS environments
  1. Planning migration strategies and execution plans.

Experts -

  1. Simba Innovation can architect to unique needs and deliver and end to end solutions.
  1. A passion innovative world class team, rich experience and technique skills in different areas.

Delivery -

  1. 24x7x365 services
  1. Trained and certified cloud professionals
  1. Continues delivery and cloud lifecycle management

Simba Innovation cloud-based security operation and maintenance system includes:

  • Multidimensional monitoring system
  • Log management system
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Account management system

Simba Innovation MSP Serviec Overview

Simba Innovation Unique Innovative Technology

  • Comprehensive Cloud Monitoring Platform
  • Cloud Log Analysis Tool
  • Real-time Cloud Resource Expense Management Tool
  • Cloud Security Analysis Tool
  • Class 2.0 Security Cloud Platform Security Construction Solution
  • DevOps Toolchain
  • AWS Cloud Technology Services for Financial Industry
  • Managed Amazon Workspaces
  • Collaborative Office and Video Conferencing Solutions

Successful Case - Genlot


Genlot is world-class online lottery game developers/operators. Provide lottery game services for a large number of players in Asia Pacific, North America, South America, and Europe, and are welcomed by many players.

Genlot decided to transfer multiple application environment applications from original datacenter to AWS after being troubled by various factors such as stability, security and cost control.

After consulting and communicating with Genlot's expert team of innovative cloud services to understand Genlot's pain points, it provided customers with a combination of application cross-cloud migration optimization + MSP fully managed operation and maintenance services, which greatly reduced the business problems that plagued customers in the past.


  • Network latency in user access across continents
  • A large number of malicious network attacks
  • Requirement of Operation and maintenance automation

Solution and Services

After applications were migrated to AWS, the solution of AWS global accelerator+Route53 geo location routing significantly improved user experience and reduced access latency.

The MSP fully managed operation and maintenance service provided by Simba Innovations includes DDOS emergency response, security situation awareness, security incident traceability, regular penetration testing and vulnerability scanning services to achieve ‘Security as a Service’ with AWS native security compliance Services have largely alleviated the long-term security threats faced by customer.

In addition, Simba Innovation provides automated operation and maintenance services based on Terraform + Packer + Ansible on AWS to assist customer in quickly changing the environment, deploying new applications and new environments. Customer has expressed high satisfaction with these improvements.

Solution and Services

With the full assistance of Simba Innovation, the game applications deployed by customer on the AWS cloud have significantly reduced the access delay and have a better user experience. At the same time, the applications are more secure and stable, and can resist malicious attacks while passing a series of targeted security scanning and hardening services reduce the related security risks.

Through the automated deployment template of the coded infrastructure, the entire cloud environment can be quickly iteratively updated, and reuse improves the speed of customer business expansion and reduces the original time cost.

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