AWS Security Management Services

Information Security Level Protection Implementation Services on AWS

Simba Innovation provides customers with managed AWS cloud security services to protect data from increasingly sophisticated, targeted, and persistent threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – Simba Innovation managed security services monitor customers' data, networks, and systems in real-time. Based on the best practices of AWS, Simba Innovation's technical team combined with its own extensive AWS security project experience and professional knowledge adopt advanced management concepts and the self-developed security services tool to guarantee maximum value for customers.

Simba Innovation is dedicated to helping customers' businesses with cost reduction, risk control and reputation protection


  • Self-developed AWS cloud platform infrastructure security analysis solution
  • Provide Multi-level Scheme Services third-level comprehensive security solution on AWS cloud platform
  • AWS platform security hardening services, K8s security hardening services, application security hardening services
  • Unified deployment and configuration of security devices
  • Assist with security grading, security assessment and continuous optimization
  • Provide security operation services based on the Multi-level Scheme Services third-level requirements

AWS Security Best Practice Architecture

Provide AWS best-practice solutions for security compliance and risk control requirements of different customers

The account structure design is based on AWS Landing Zone regarding VPC and account permissions of customers.

Simba Innovation Self-developed AWS Cloud Platform Security Tool

Cloud Security Management Platform

Cloud Security Management Platform is based on Simba Innovation's extensive experience in security service projects. It is combined with the business needs of the cloud services, comprehensive management of information system resources on the cloud, port scanning, and account permissions management to provide strong support and strategies for security audits.

Big Data Visualization Performance Monitoring Platform

The first visual big data monitoring platform in the industry, the platform monitors all critical nodes of the entire environment in real-time during the big data computing processes. Evaluate resource utilization based on visual monitoring data, automatically generate visual reports, analyze performance bottlenecks, and further optimize configuration and architecture.

Multi-Dimensional Monitoring Tool

The leading multi-dimensional monitoring platform has an innovative business-oriented automatic monitoring function based on the traditional operating system and hardware layer monitoring. The platform provides real feedback on user experience by completely simulating the actual business operations of end-users. The uninterrupted 24X7 hours of feedback on the performance and availability of the application layer to discover potential threats and eliminate hidden risks during the incubation period. The monitoring platform is developed based on the latest design concepts and technical architecture to ensure extremely high reliability and minimized resources.

Case Studies

Simba Innovation provides AWS Cloud Security Services to Unipus

Simba Innovation provides AWS Cloud Security Services to BCEE